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CRABS is a club which is dedicated to creating a safe, fun, and inclusive place to study sword fighting in the Pictou county and New Glasgow area. 

Who are we?

Lead Instructor and Co-founder Brad Richardson has been studying historical fencing for almost a decade and running sword fighting clubs for five years. 


He had tried Olympic fencing and kendo but fell in love with historic fencing when he was handed a steel longsword to train with. Like many people who join historic fencing he developed an obsession with swords through video games, most notably legend of zelda. 

He started training historical fencing with the Ottawa Historical Fencing Society in 2014 before moving to Hamilton and cofounding the Southern Ontario Historical Fencing Association (SOHFA) in 2018. He is excited to be staring another group and bringing his love of sword fighting to Pictou County.



Who are we?

Fitness Instructor and Co-founder Casey Marjerrison began her historical fencing adventure in 2018 and immediately gravitated towards single hand weapons. 


Casey has a passion and background in fitness and athletic development. She is always up for a conversation about movement and physiology. When not swinging a sword she can also be found around the track playing roller derby. 

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